Liam Potter  musician
singer, songwriter, guitarist

Liam Potter is a young musician from Nova Scotia, Canada brimming with natural musical talent. Liam taught himself to play the guitar, drums, banjo and keyboard before the age of 12 and now (2013) at the age of 14, he is also a great singer. He plays by ear and by feel and has an impressive ability to improvise on guitar, banjo, harmonica or keyboard, allowing him to join with other musicians in any just about any genre and musical situation. 

Liam has performed at Riverfest, the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, Fox Mountain Smokin' Blues Festival, many benefit concerts and fundraisers, and is sometimes seen at open mics and blues jams. In May, 2011, Liam opened for renowned international blues artist, Matt Andersen, at the Deep Roots Blossom Blues Festival, and shared the stage with Matt, as well as the Hupman Brothers and Jens Jeppesen. 


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